satellite dish or freeview?

Richard H

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a few years ago I paid £100 to sky for a dish/box (Panasonic TU-DSB31) to get satellite reception but without any subscription.

the channels that the box would receive seemed to change almost on a daily basis and with no apparent pattern, which was ok until some of the major 5 channels disappeared. A few questions arise-

1 - the box has a blue "sky digital" viewing card which i assume is now out of date. I thought i had read somewhere about a free replacement card (is such a thing available??) and somewhere else about a card for £20. Having had £100 out of me I am reluctant to pay sky another penny - but if I did stump up the cash would i get a full range of the non subscription channels? eg ITV2, E4, More4

2. another alternative would appear to be to ditch the dish and go Freeview. This appears to be a more expensive route (another box to buy) and would only seem to be worthwhile if freeview brings with it some worthwhile extra channels. Is there a difference in the channels i could receive on freeview and where can i find a list of the differences between the 2 set ups as far as channels are concerned?

3. i have heard about a BBC satellite service. Is this available yet and at what cost? again is it (or will it ) have a full range of "free" channels?

many thanks to anyone who can help with some comments !!

Chris Muriel

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1) The $ky Freesat card will get you ITV, Channel 4 etc. Cost is £20. I am sure that a Google search should tell you the full list of available channels (or someone else may send you a link).
Old cards with a yellow house on them mostly work ; you may have to leave them in the STB for a time for them to be reactivated.

2) Plenty of sites list the available Freeview terrestrial channels. A Freeview box can now be sourced for around 30 quid. I believe E4 is free on Freeview but not on Freesat ; there may be a couple of other channels in the same category.

3) I don't have any details about the proposed BBC satellite service.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.


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Freeview (DTT) channels are listed (in their new channel number order) HERE.

Freesat channels are those shown as 'FTA' HERE.

Careful perusal will show that there are a few channels which are on DTT but which either aren't on or are subscription channels on satellite - to the annoyance of some.

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