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Although I live in a town with a broadband enabled exchange , I live too far from it to be able to receive it.
There isn't a cable option so that leaves me Satellite.
Does anyone have any experience of this?

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There are 2 types of satellite broadband.

The 1st uses the satellite for downloads only but still uses a modem connection for uploads. Whilst this works okay for browsing the web, it is a bit clunky.

The 2nd uses the satellite both ways giving true broadband but one thing to watch out for is that once you start using satellites, your round trip times are huge.

Due to the speed of light limitation, you will ALWAYS get at least 650ms ping times and round trip times so this is no good for games etc.

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So who are the suppliers for these services?

I'll never get ADSL at this rate, so I was about to sign up for BT Midband. Have heard a lot about wireless and satellite broadband, but it always seems to be pilot schemes from "here today gone tomorrow" suppliers.


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Thanks for the replys.
I think it's the only way I'll get broadband.
I'm only a few hundred yards too far from the exchange but it might as well be miles.
I'd want it primarily for download so the one way might be more suitable.
I've seen a few sites like AVC, Broadsat & Europe Online.
Has anyone tried and can recommend any providers?


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Thanks for the link.
Lots of info there.

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