Satelite TV info... starting point?


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Hi all,

Either I'm using the completely wrong combination of words in the search function on here, or it's not really been discussed before, but basically I have the following questions that I'm hoping can be answered.

OK, background:
I've just about been worn down by SWMBO's nagging that half the time she can't find anything on TV that she want's to watch and can we please get Sky.

While I'd rather have all my teeth pulled, for the sake of domestic bliss, I'll probably grudgingly agree to a cheap Sky channel package if there's anything of interest to me in it.

Now as a complete satelite TV novice, if we do get a dish installed, I'm interested in finding out what other sat broadcasts I might be able to receive (preferably for free after purchasing the appropriate decoder), such as Euro1080 (pending purchase of suitable display device). However, it's my understanding, from a few bits I've read (and managed to understand) that I'd need a larger dish than the standard Sky one as it uses a different satelite.

In essence, which website or magazine gives the clearest advice, for someone who knows pretty much nothing about sat TV on what the options & costs are for both Sky and non-Sky services?


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Take a look at the Dreambox DM7000S, its basically a linux computer inside a set top box that will take large hard disks for recording.

It has an ethernet port so it can be connected straight into a home network/internet, you'd be amazed at what you can watch with it.:)

You would be best with a motorised dish to make the most of it.


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So no-one's got any sites or magazines that are recommended reading then?


Dreambox DM7000, can I use this with DVI to conect to my LCD HD TV ?
What would you recommend ?


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