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Just wanted to tell people about the excellent service and advice I have receievd from

My problem was a broken RF output connection on the back of my Panasonic digibox (meaning no more Sky upstairs). Anyway, a local -scumbag- dealer told me all I could do was use his 'replace and repair' service for which he would give me a reconditioned box in return for my old one. He wouldn't tell me what box he would give me. For this he wanted to charge £135.

So, I rang Sky... a little better, they wanted to charge me £65 for guaranteed repair of my box or, if not possible, a reconditioned replacement (aka Amstrad).

Last ditch attempt, posted a message on a newsgroup and Martin at Satcure responded. Turns out all I need is a £9 spare part from their website which anyone can install for the broken one with no soldering, just a screwdriver. Including postage this thing has cost me £12.50 and has saved me a LEAST £52.50.

In this day and age it's really nice to come across a company that isn't trying to stiff you. I'd like to thank Martin for his quick, honest
assistance and would recommend Satcure to any Forum members who may need their services.

Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
Yes Martin has a wealth of practical knowledge. I believe you can now download his book on satellite receiver servicing from his site these days (includes a section by myself on dig. satellite).
Having met him a couple of times, I can highly recommend him.

Also good to see someone posting "good guy" info instead of the usual horror stories we normally see here.

Chris Muriel


Distinguished Member
Reading the above makes me think it's the sot of thing you'd get (or used to) at the end of the news. Nice one.

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