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SATA cables - Best buying options?


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Little bit of a story to go with this as the question is in essence, where's the best place to buy sata cables? which is stupid for such a generic component. So;

I recently self-built a pc, my first attempt, and it's a windows home server. Everything was sourced second hand or on a very very tight budget, so much so, it took about 3 months to source all the parts and I saved myself nearly £1000. Miraculously, all the hardware components worked, with one minor exception, the sata cables. The cables I bought, I have about 10 are plain sata cables are various lengths. With a few exceptions the problem is simply that they are generic sata cables and succumb to the typical problems associated with them, they don't like bending in certain fashion to appropriate the sata ports and they don't like connecting snuggly and are prone to coming loose.

So, I want to tighten this up by investing in angled and locking sata cables.

I have an asus p5q3 deluxe motherboard and can't actually establish if it will support locking sata cables. I also want to be able to choose from a wide variety of lengths.

So, is there anywhere that will supply these range of cables to the u.k?

I found what seemed like a decent site, but it's u.s only eSATA Sata Power SATA Cables Low Prices on all Internal and External Sata cables

I'm aware of the typical stores, ebuyer, aria, overclockers, amazon, play, scan etc.. but I'm wondering if anywhere specializes in sata cables or places that supply them for better prices with good reviews.

eBay is also an option as obviously there's a wide range of suitable cables so any recommened sellers would be appreciated.

Or, any alternative options?


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I need some short sata cables for a new pc and would like to use different to identify the different port and device connected to thte motherboard.

Does anyone sell any other colour than red?

Theydon Bois

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I bought some black right angled locking sata cables from ebay, very happy with them and they are connected to my DVDWriter and 1TB Sammy.

eBay UK Shop - Sata City: PC Modding, SATA 2 Cables, Other PC Cables




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I find that the ones with a right angle at one end and a straight connector at the other work well in my Dell Dimension 9150. The hard drives face the side of the case, so the angled connector lets me start the cable run vertically and then the motherboard has good clearance where the SATA cnnectors are mounted, so the straight end is easiest to insert.

I guess it depends on the layout of your own PC internals but the ones I use are available as a commodity item all over the place for about £2.50. Other colours than red are available.....

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