SAT1, SAT2, TV, RADIO, RETURN and BT Wallplate question.


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Sep 25, 2008
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Hi all, I am a total newbie but have been reading these boards for some time now and finding them extremely helpful - cheers for that.

My problem lies with the afore mentioned wallplate. I am moving into a flat with communal Satellite and TV aerial and have the wallplate with SAT1, SAT2, TV, RADIO, RETURN and BT in the corner of my lounge.

I intend to have my TV in the OPPOSITE corner of the room and to have Sky+ and maybe in the future Sky HD installed. My question is which cables will I need to run into the other corner to have a fully working Sky+ system?

Also, is this the type of work that the Sky installer will happily do?

As there is no floor laid at the moment my initial intention was to router a channel out of the chipboard and run the cables in it then lay laminate on top, then drill a hole in the laminate for the cables in the corner where the TV will sit.

What do you guys think? Any replies much appreciated :thumbsup:

Sat1, Sat2, TV (if you want terrestrial channels) and BT.

If you want to go for multiroom in the future, then Return as well.

You might also consider, before you lay the laminate, whether you will be going for AV equipment for surround sound and where will that reside, and will you use the Radio?

Thanks for the reply.

It is my intention to have an AV receiver and 5.1 in the future so yes, I was going to run cables to each speaker position in the expansion gap for the laminate.

Do you think if i got the Sky guy in before I laid the floor he would do all this work, i.e provide and run the required cables into the corner where the TV willl be?

Could save me a lot of hassle buying cables, connectors etc and installing them ;)


He will probably run the Sat and BT cables - anything else is "on inducement" only.....................


PS if your AV is to be distant from your TV/Sky box, don't forget about the audio input to the amplifier.
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