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HELP... being a compleat novice can anyone give me some advise.
I am looking for a system for my motorhome that will enable me to get news channels and maybe a few more programs in North Spain.
From what I can see this involves the Astra 2 Sat and maybe a Multimo dish but which receiver I have no idea. Is there any one who has installed a system for under £350 which can do the job.......Thanks Folks


Hi and welcome to the forum.
The group of satellites at 28 degrees east that supply the UK TV channels includes Astra 2A and 2B.
Multimo is the name of a very expensive dish that's made for use with caravans.
Any satellite receiver would be suitable, including possibly one made for Freesat.
So would a fairly standard dish, such as the larger size of Sky dish, or a 60-80cm circular one.
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Vin Blanc

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As stated, the Multimo is a cassegrain 40cm dish and due to its size is therefore only good enough as far south as Avignon (approx). (Unless you retune to the south beam).

An 80cm dish will pull in most $ky and freesat channels almost down to Barcelona.

around Alicante, you will need a 2.4m dish. Try fitting that on the roof of your camper!

Vin Blanc
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