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sat/sub advice/recommendations needed

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by sendmailguru, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. sendmailguru


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    Hi Folks,

    I'm after some sat/sub recommendations/advice, as I have a "nearly there" setup.
    I brought a package from Richersounds some while back which includes

    Cyberhome ADM512
    Sherwood Rd6106
    ELtax Millenium (100's?) fronts - not shielded (thanks richers)
    Ariston MX07 rears. (not connected yet so don't know what they sound like).
    Gale Centre

    No sub yet.

    Therefore I have a few options, but not sure which is the best. these are: -

    a) buy 2 front sats and a sub package( I thought something like the aego2 would be good - but I just need plain ol' speakers which will connect into the sherwood).
    b) buy a complete sub/sat package (something like the eltax cinema 5.1)

    My buying criteria is
    a) the (front) sats are small and discreet (aka wife friendly - she doesn't like the bookshelf size ones either side of the telly)
    b) I also use my setup for music - will the sat/sub package sound okay with CD's, or should I keep the Eltax Milleniums on a maplin style speaker switch. I'm not sure whether I'd have to keep changing the amp setup when switching between the two (i.e speaker size setup etc).
    c) price - I'm not into the KEF £700'ers (I'm no real audiophile - but you knew that from my kit :) - I've upgraded from an aiwa mini system so anything sounds better so far ;-) (about £300 max would be good).

    Thats it really.
    Any advice, recommendations or options would be greatly received.

  2. Jase

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    Mar 16, 2001
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    South Coast
    To be honest, theres not anything decent thats small & discrete that actually sounds good until you get to the Kef Eggs or the new Gallo Nucleus Micro speakers.

    How about building it up piece by piece, couple of speakers at a time, then a sub etc.

    You could start with a pair of the Gallo Nucleus Micros (in Matt Black or Snow White) at 135 quid each (via the Power Buys Forum, check out the details there). Then add extra speakers as you go. Better to buy decent speakers at the outset than waste the money on stuff that´s not good and that you´ll want to change at a later date.

    Worth a look anyhow.:)

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