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Sep 2, 2009
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If I add another Tuner in my system i can Record and watch a different channel? (Satellite)

Do I need to input another cable also or is there an internal connecting cable?
Basically, 1 card = 1 channel to watch or record
To watch 1 channel and record another, you need 2 cards, etc.
From what I can see there are no dual tuner DVB-S/S2 cards available yet.

Black Gold had the BGT3540 but seemed to have problems with supply and have discontinued it. They do have the BGT3595 coming out supposedly in December for around £120 (dual DVB-S2 and dual DVB-T tuners in it so 4x in total) Check out: BGT3595 - BlackGold

Hopefully this card will ship on time with good drivers as if it does it will make it the card to have.

Other than that you need two cards.

Thanks for the info, What i need to know is do i need 2 signals from my Satellite dish one for each card?
Yes you do, just like a Sky+/HD box.

The BlackGold will have 2x satellite inputs and a single RF aerial input on the back to power the 4x digital tuners (it has 2x analogue tuners in it as well but who really cares about them!)
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:( argh another card, and getting the dish/cale sorted at the same time.

A little more than i want to spend this month
What other cards/signals do you have? Bunging in a cheap dual tuner freeview card and taking advantage of 7MC's hetrogeneous multi-tuner support would be what I'd suggest, IF you have a decent freeview signal.
ATm i only have a satellite input n my house.

I will be sorting out a New aerial for Freeview TV in the next few weeks.

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