SAT over IP advice.


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Hello! Long time Stalker no time poster.

I moved into a house that had the worst possible layout for working from home so I had a slight issue when i rearranged and changed the old living room into a computer room, i left out the part of how I got TV into the new living room. Mostly we lived without it, and there is a dish with 2 LMB cables it wasn't until someone at my work place gave me a USB to Satellite box to watch TV on my pc, I thought it's ok id rather have ethernet on it instead of USB.

So.... a little digging I found two units i think would be suitable.

Both made by Telestar.

I found this DIGIBIT Twin - TELESTAR-DIGITAL GmbH | digital TV, multimedia & more

also found this.. is this the same thing?

the Second link is half the price of the first link. Has anyone explored SAT over IP that can offer me some recommendations? I'm totally new to it, from my understanding hotels use it instead of running LMB cables everywhere.

The idea was the PC's games consoles and maybe the TV could pick it up with Kodi?

Any advice would be great! Thanks.


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any enigma 2 box can do it, and Kodi has a standard addon built for them, you can also add a hard drive to the receiver, and set up recordings via kodi, and watch those recordings too in kodi.

something like Amazon product would work


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I have had a Telestar Digibit R1 for over a year. I got it instead of buying 2 Freesat boxes and as a way to get TV easily to the conservatory. The Digibit feeds a RPi4 running TVheadend server under LibreElec. At each of my 3 TVs I have RPi3 or Mini PC connected via Wi-Fi running TVheadend client.
TVheadend is complex and has a steep learning curve but was worth the effort. I can watch TV at any or at all 3 TVs at the same time. You can use the Freesat or Sky EPG data and set the channels in whatever order you want.

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