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I'm wanting to buy a sat nav but before i do i have a question.

Lets say I have entered a postcode into the sat nav to take me somewhere but on the way I discover a road is closed. Does the sat nav take this into account? is it able to take this into account and then re-direct me?

Also is it possible to view the exact route a sat nav is intending to take you before you start the journey or are you only able to find that out as you go along the journey.

Finally is it possible to enter a route YOU want the sat nav to take you. for example if i know where i want to go by a certain route and which service stations i want to stop at am i able to programme this into the sat nav and just use the sat nav to prompt me what to do as a reminder?

I would appreciate your help guys. thanks.


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The answer from a Tom tom owner -First 2 questions-yes.
Last question is a bit more tricky! However TTs do give you different route options so you can choose or you could enter several waypoints to take you the way you wanted to go.HTH.


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TTone version 4:thumbsup:

Ooops you cant enter several waypoints on TTV4-sorry!!!
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When you come upon a closed road; just follow the diversion signs. The Sat-Nav will notice you have gone off route and recalulate another route to take you from your new position to your next waypoint or destination. However; it may try to get you back onto the closed road, so it would be better to follow the road signs for a few miles and disreguard the sat-nav instructions. When you are clear of the area; follow the new instructions from the sat-nav.


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what about the v5 can you enter way points on that one?

No, not one the one.
Not sure about the new verion with IQ routes


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From what I've gathered the current ONE models don't allow for itinerary planning.

But the XL models do.

See this post:

In an itinerary, you can pre-program numerous waypoints to reach a destination, and save them for future use etc.

You can do all this on my (now) ancient Tom Tom ONE Original, but they seem to have chopped the software on later models.......I don't see that as progress!
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