Sasha Airdrawndagger

Andy Dee

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I love this CD!!

It is hard to define, Trancey, progressive with some lush sounding synths, but it is the flawless production of the album that gets me.

Everything sits perfectly, and the bass makes my JBL's sweat.

Beautifly created, not to everyones taste admittedly.

I kicked back on the sofa with this playing nice and loud, and i was in awe. Just the production alone is worth the money.

Not a cheesy sample in earshot(as you would expect from the man)

Almost like listening to 2 genre's at once, the old analogue 80's synth lines and sweeps, but clarity that i havent heard from a CD to date!

Oh...did i mention i like this!:p



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must agree !

dont know how far back your appreciation of sasha goes, but if you like the track "cloud cuckoo" on the airdrawndagger album, you should try and get a hold of sasha's awesome 1999 EP "xpander", and have a listen to the title track with the volume turned up. The production on that is the best Ive ever heard, and your speakers will be begging for mercy !!

sasha is the most accomplished member of the british dj community - he's the best dj, producer, remixer, writer; if you've ever had the priviledge to hear him dj, you'll know what I mean :D



Top tunes.
It's a shame cd singles still get deleted because stuff like the 2 track Arkham single by Sasha is excellant and prized in my collection.
The net will be the only place to secure some things now, which is both good and bad in and of itself I guess. Pity record companies don't keep all tunes online for dl at a reasonable rate so everyone could enjoy.

Andy Dee

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My appreciation goes back quite some years, From BMEX, and his remix of D:ream, to more recently with Marie and Be As One.

Your right ..Xpander and the lesser acclaimed Bellfunk are pure class.

The album has apparently been a project of the last 12 years of his experiences in music. Its well worth the wait.

Everytime i hear things i hadnt noticed the moment i keep hearing Jean micheal Jarre influences.


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dunno if my mind is playing tricks on me (its friday afternoon after all :D ), but whilst listening to "cloud cuckoo" for about the millionth time, I cannot help but think of new order "blue monday (original release - not hardfloor remix)" and yello "bostich"? as influencing this song (well the bassline anyway).

hope we dont have to wait another couple of years for an album from sasha, or for an xpander-EP type outing.

currently listening to this album on my computer's headphones, I cant wait to unleash it on a proper setup whenever I get round to getting one.

dont you if you guys have heard the song sasha did with bt a year or so back, under the monicker "2 phat dunts" (change the d to a c cos otherwise it would be starred out) the song was "ride" - have you guys heard it? Its very difficult to obtain now, as at the time it was only a limited run of 12" that it was released on.


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