Sapphire Radeon 9000 Vivo 64mb


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I'm looking to purchase a Sapphire Radeon 9000 Vivo 64mb graphics card from ebuyer but have a few questions first:-

1) Have ATI got their drivers together these days ? I've always found them lacking in the past and the performance of the card suffered as a result
2) I'm hoping to be able to run the computer this card will be going in through the television in my bedroom. Can I do this without having a monitor attached ?
3) What sort of performance does this card give ? It would be my 1st non Geforce card for a while and I'm unsure what to expect.

Any comments/suggestions would be gratefully received


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The new catalyst drivers are a marked improvement and the 9000 is the preferred HTPC card (10 bit dacs etc). Get the standard verison not the pro if noise is a concern (the standard doesn't come with a fan).

You're not going to be blown away if using the tv out. I think the resolution is limited to 800x600.

The card is good value for the money and the competition (Geforce MX series).



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Thanks for the input mate - I think I'll go ahead and get one as it's not too much money anyway. I can put up with the reduced resolution as it is not my main computer.

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