Sanyo Z5 or Sony HS-60 ?


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Im looking for a new LCD projector, and i come down to these two, Z5 or HS60, has anyone ever compared these two ? or have you seen a review comparing these ?


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I've compared the Z3 and Z4 to a HS60 in the past but most recently tried out a Z3. The HS60 had it easily beaten in the contrast stakes but to be honest they were not a million miles apart. I would expect the Z5 to be as good as, or better than the HS60 so I think it really comes down to the sort of deal you can get.

Peter Parker

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I think that was the same conclusion I came too. Both produced very good images, but the auto iris in the HS60 worked better than the Z4 so gave the image far better blacks which were always very good - much like a DLP. The Z4 often looked grey during normal scenes, but could do a good black level in a predominantly dark scene. The HS60 was almost twice the price of the Z4 so there was a bit of a price diffence. It seemed to me almost that it boiled down to how well the auto iris was implemented, and I think Sony are ahead of everybody else on this right now IMHO.


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