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I purchased a few months ago a Z3 projector (This is my first). I bought also a LG LDA-531 which has a HDMI output. I have this annoying problem.

When I’m powering-up the projector, either the HDMI connection is established properly or it is not. When it is not, the image turns totally green. I’ve found that switching the DVD player “off” and back “on” multiple times don’t correct the problem. But turning the projector “off and “on” again a few times will eventually establish the HDMI connection. This is annoying because the owner’s manual states that switching off the projector to soon after it has been turned on will affect the lamp’s lifetime.

Does anyone have experienced this problem before?

Or, does anyone have an idea on the source of my problem?




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Hi Bruno.

It sounds like you have an early Z3 - they all had this type of "locking up" problem when using HDMI, which required a firmware update - I bought one when they first came out and after a few lockups/hard power offs decided that I would rather return the pj rather than take a chance on the bulb being damaged. It shouldn't have this problem when connected via VGA/component, so that may get you by until it's sorted, although I found Sanyo to be very helpful as well as quite speedy.

If you do a search I'm sure you'll find a lengthy thread about the issue - hopefully you'll just need the upgrade and it's nothing more serious than that. :)



Bruno absolutely do not turn the projector off and on like that, it will fry your bulb really quickly. Check out the firmware upgrade, or maybe turn on the projector first for a minute and then the DVD player and see if this makes it easier for the projector to sync. Good luck.


Thanks you guys.

Indeed, I don't have this problem with all the other inputs.

I found on the web the code to enter in service mode. The firmware version you are referring to, is it the line:

“Ver 1.00 WORLD”

that appears on the screen in service mode?

If so, then ver 1.00 confirms your diagnosis.


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