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Sanyo Z2... What do you use with yours?


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Hi All,

I not posting a survey, just trying to get advice on mass! I am trying to find a perfect DVD player partner for my Z2. It is difficult getting demos on this PJ due to it being discontinued, so I need to narrow down my options.


What DVD player have you partnered your Z2 with?
How is it hooked up? (Component / DVI / other)
Is it the best thing since sliced bread?

I currently use my Tosh X32 recorder.. which is ok through progressive component, but not marvellous.

Thanking you all in advance.. :thumbsup:



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Hi Darren, I got my Z2 a week ago and although at first I was a little dissapointed with the PQ, I now realise just how important it is to do all this:

1. make sure your PJ room is/can be blacked out, total darkness is best although a little light won't be a problem, you can get cheap blackout roller blinds/kits/material from 'Dunn-elm'

2.Use a screen. I got a 'sapphire' 180x180cm 16x9 manual pull down screen for £90 delivered, I have mounted inside my patio doors recess so that when it's not being used you hardly notice it and it helps block out light from the patio doors when pulled down!

3.Use the best quality input you have, unless you have component output from your dvd-player and are prepared to spend some money on a decent component cable then personally I wouldn't bother using a dvd player, use your PC or build a HTPC! even with a crappy graphics card and vga output the PQ will be alot better! (I wrote a small guide for building a cheap (£300 ish) HTPC based on a 'Shuttle xpc' in the 'entertainment PC'S and computer hardware' forum a couple of days ago :smashin: .

I now have a fantastic image quality from my Z2, I'm very impressed with this PJ, and if you are willing to spend approx £1k on a PJ setup then you can't go wrong with it.
(I had originally considered a DLP PJ as they are supposed to be better for home cinema, but I was concerned about the 'rainbow' effect, I sit about 10ft from my screen (perhaps a bit close) but I don't see any problems with vertical banding or SDE, which is supposedly a problem with LCD'S)


I also have a Z2 and have the following connected;

1) XBox via component, this outputs 480p and 720p and looks amazing.
2) HCPC via DVI, this also post processes the image and again looks amazing.

When i say amazing i mean the best my Z2 as looked, if you can bypass its onbaord scaler then you will get an excellent pq out of it, and also if you take advice from the above post.

As for best thing since sliced bread well it certainly isn't that, but for the prices they are going for now they are certainly worth it.


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DarrenH said:
What DVD player have you partnered your Z2 with?
Jamo DVR50
How is it hooked up? (Component / DVI / other)
10m Profi-Gold Component cable.
Is it the best thing since sliced bread?
Ummm... they are entierly different genre of items. But if i had to pick i'd lose the bread.

I was amazed initially, but since i've gone to a 7' wide screen i sort of notice the screen door when the DVD transfer isnt so good (or maybe its vert banding or both), and i've developed my second dust blob. Overall i am very happy and am extremely glad i tried the home cinema experience 14 or so months ago.

I also have a PS2 hooked up via component, but i find the image a little dark and the type of games i play dont always suit big-screen gaming, so dont often play on the PJ. Killzone looked amazing on it however!


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I usually watch in a completely dark room onto a Beamax 2m wide screen. If you look carefully you can see the screen door effect. However, when just enjoying the films, you tend to lose it!

I was just dissappointed that I could not get a significantly better picture than my old Sony HS1. I may look at investing in better component cables, and make sure I am by-passing the internal scaler. I always thought that the pj detected a progressive image and switched its own scaler off?

Anyway, thanks for the feedback to date :thumbsup: . Not too keen on the HTPC idea...

some cambridge audio crap via component, but tbh still not entirely happy with it, so will watch this thread to see what dvi dvd players others maybe using, was thinking about upgrading to the samsung in the near future, or is there something better in the £200 region?



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I've connect my Z2 up through an Iscan Pro, with the video source being connected via component from a Tosh 220, and composite from Sky.

I was originally using some home-made component cables, with pretty good cabling. However, I have since replaced the cables with some 14m of Belden 7710A cable, boy is that stuff thick, but the quality is to die for!

Overall I am more than happy with the picture, yes, screen door is visible at times, but I am projecting an 7ft image and sitting 13ft away. But as others have said, I tend to watch the film rather than the picture...if you know what I mean :)

I have recently looked at tweaking the picture contrast/brightness/contrast etc, refering to avsforum.com articles. I found the following gives me the best picture:-

Contrast : -31
Brightness : 0
Sharpness : -5
Gamma : +7
Auto greyscale : Off

I haven't ventured into the factory or service menus, these are normal user changes!! My projector has a lot of red in it, well to my eyes anyway, so much so, my red, blue and green settings are something like -8, +5, +5, but that is off the top of my head.



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Gavin, Interesting combination. Did you make the cables yourself or buy them through the forum? Mark Grant? I will try the settings to see what difference that makes, but I guess I should really get hold of DVE or similar.

Players I am considering at the moment - and for different reasons:

In no order....

Toshiba 340 - Cheap, apparently good PQ, matches Tosh TV and recorder!
Samsung 745 - Cheap DVI output
Sony 955 - rated as an excellent progressive image
Yamaha SL100 - matches my Yam SL80 AMP - rated excellent prog image
Panasonic S97 - HDMI out, Good PQ - looks a bit ugly?
Denon 1910 - DVI, good PQ - macroblocking issues?

All around £200 or less (Sony maybe a little more?)

I would really like a Denon 2910, but would have to sell my REL Q200E to buy it :laugh:


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DarrenH said:
Gavin, Interesting combination. Did you make the cables yourself or buy them through the forum? Mark Grant? I will try the settings to see what difference that makes, but I guess I should really get hold of DVE or similar.

I bought my cables direct from Blue Jeans cables in the US. They were a lot cheaper for the length I needed! I also bought a replacement VGA > Component breakout cable for the Iscan unit.

Those settings work well for me, each projector could and probably is different! I find the Iscan Pro is an excellent deinterlacer, a league above the Z2s internal processing!!! How it would compare to the likes of a those DVD players that output progressive already I don't know.

Have fun!


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I am running a Pioneer DV575A via an Ixos Componant into my Yamaha 650 amp and then a 15m custom made silver core componant cable to the Z2 and the picture is pretty damn good. I have had to play around with the contrast and the gamma quite a bit till I got a few stored settings that suite a variety of movies but overall I am pretty impressed.

Also use my XBox with my Z2 via another Ixos componant from the MS Hi def pack into the Yamaha.


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I have the following hooked up my my Z2 :

DVD player : Denon DVD-1910 via DVI and component (very good picture, but image doesn't fill the screen unless you switch inputs from 2 to 1 and back again - only affects PAL DVDs).
Xbox via official MS hidef kit (again, very good)
Gamecube via official Nintendo component cable (good, but not brilliant as UK cubes won't do progressive scan).
Nintendo 64 via Svideo - not great.
Video Sender from Tivo via composite - not great, bu better than nothing.


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In the end I bought a three year old Arcam FMJ DV27 from Ron (Hawklan). The picture is fantastic... 3D, reduced chickenwire.. in fact I cannot see it anymore, crisper images, more colourful,... still through a Maplins component cable, but hoping to upgrade once I have tried Ron's cable out. (Will send a cheque when I have tried it Ron!) :thumbsup:

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