Sanyo Z2, VGA, XP and 720p


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I had loads of trouble with my old z1 getting it to work in xp pixel mapped. sussed it, then moved to vista. then vista didnt support it, then it did. then got a z2, and 1280x720 worked straight away in vista. now ive briefly moved back to xp and 1280x720 wont work!

anyone had it working with the standard 1280x720 or know how to do it?



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If you have a ATI graphics card, there is an option to under 'monitor properties' if you're connecting via VGA. This option says HDTV support and allows you to turn on 720p modes.

Don't know much about nvidia cards though.

Alternatively you can install powerstrip with a 30 day trial and add the 720p modes that way. You can uninstall powerstrip once you've added the modes.

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