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I bought a Sanyo Z2 in the great Ivojo gold rush last year ( doesn't seem such a bargain now ).
I 've barely used it since new ( 1 film , I've been busy ).
I plugged one of my PC's into it yesterday and noticed that the focus isn't uniform, if the top left corner of the screen is in focus the bottom right isn't. Firstly i assumed this was due to the lens shift but no.
I have seen some posts on this in avsforum but few mentions here. It seems to be most common in ceiling mounts but mine isn't.
Has anyone in here had this problem and had it solved ?
When watching a dvd you do not notice it but if getting it sorted is relatively hassle free I would like to get it done.


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I have seen no focus problems with the Z1 and would assume the optics are similar on the Z2.
Is your projector central to the screen and within the screen area vertically ?
If it is then there may be an alignment problem between the converging prism and the lens.


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Thats what the iris control is for. It decreases/increases the depth of field (the depth at which the image is in focus).

Try fiddling with this to achieve a uniform focus, be warned though as this control also has other affects in the image around brightness and contrast.

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