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Hi guys,

My Z2 should clear customs tomorrow, and to say I'm excited is an understatement. However, I saw a thread on these forums claiming the Z2 has dust blob problems, and I'm a little worried.

I want to ask about one thing - dust blobs, and how to protect against them. Last question until my baby arrives, I swear!

I've given the shelf that the projector is to sit on a nice thorough clean, but am wondering if there are any other steps to stop dust blobs. I've heard a couple of people claim that covering the rear filter with nylon stocking does the job - can anyone verify whether or not this is a good idea? I've also heard that not using the lens shift feature can also help - which is a bummer as I will probably need to use it. I've also heard that dancing naked around a fire in the woods, but only during every second lunar eclipse, can go some ways to preventing dust buildup...

I'd rather take some preemptive measures to stop dust blobs than take apart the projector every couple of weeks. I live in the central city of Sydney, where dust and pollution is a real issue.

Any advice would be most appreciated.


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you can always buy a small air purifier/filter which will cut down on the dust build up in your room cost me about ?0 for one i have it on a timer and it comes on for about 2 hours before i get home from work

see here for an example

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