Sanyo Z1 RGB problem with NTSC


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I recently bought a Sanyo Z1..

I have most things hooked up via component and everything is fine.

However, I bought an RGB scart to VGA cable form Keene and tried to hook up some of my consoles through it. The PAL ones display fine but the NTSC ones only fill 3/4 of the picture and the last 1/4 (at the bottom) is a static scrambled picture. This only happens with NTSC. I hooked up my DVD player via the Scart lead and it also does the same with NTSC. Sky is also fine but that's PAL.

Anyone got any ideas how to fix this? Surely someone else must have tried NTSC through an RGB SCART to VGA cable.

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Not used mine for a while, but can you select the screen mode from the menu if its not auto switching?
Select 480 when using NTSC should make the screen fit correctly.


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