Sanyo Z1 - Prog Scan Question


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I've got this device connected up via the prog out sockets of my Arcam DV27A.

How can i tell what prog signal the projector is receiving and displaying?




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From memory I don't think the Z1 displays the incoming signal info.

As the Z1 has no built-in deinterlacer, it should be easy to see if you are outputting progressive or not. You will see a lot of line twitter on horizontal lines if the signal is interlaced. Very easy to see on a test disc like Avia using the resolution charts.

John Dawson

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If you are using the progressive sockets (top set) on the DV27A then, since they can only output PS video, that is what you'll be seeing. To compare with interlaced video replug the cables into the lower set of sockets on the 27A which only output interlaced video.

It's that simple :)

John Dawson (Arcam)

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