Sanyo Z1- Budget Bombshell


Rob Oldridge

Temporary Set-up
Arcam DV88 Plus (running PAL & NTSC progressive)
15m QED Sqart Silver Reference cable (wired component)
Pale grey painted smooth wall
Seating to screen distance 11' 4"
16:9 image size 6' 6" (diagonal)

Attack of the Clones R2
Lost in Space R1
Matrix R2
Gladiator R2
Fifth Element R2
Saving Private Ryan SE R1

Very quiet in theatre black mode - less than AE100 in same mode and TW100.
Have run for 12hrs and it has not spun up as described on other threads/forums.

Colours are superb, up with the best in LCD.
Plethora of controls allows scope for further enhancing tweaking.

Better than AE100 or TW100.

Screen Door
Can be seen on the odd occasion if you are looking for it, but is noticeably less than AE100.
The increase in resolution above the AE100 seems to resolve the screen door issues in the main. I'll find out how well when the PJ is moved to give 8' image.

Have noticed vertical scan lines on pans etc very occasionally, but is no not as bad as TW100.

Feels much better built than AE100- heavier and more solid.
Comes supplied with decent back-lit remote.

Has three M6 threaded inserts for ceiling mounting.
Can be mounted using Fulabeer's DIY AE mount (will require new holes and M6 bolts).

Uesful Features
The stepless horiz/vert lens shift gives flexibility on where the PJ can be sited without compromisisng the image quality.
Lens/front flap- hides the lens etc when PJ not in use.
Note the flap activates a microswitch which stops the PJ from running with the flap closed.

Where From?
Lastly thanks to the guys at www.bestpricetv.com
Knowledgeable guys, helpful and competitive on price.
I got mine on next delivery for £1299 inc vat.

The best PJ around for the money in the UK at present? Budget bombshell?


I saw a Sanyo at the weekend and was blown away. I have my wallet out ready to buy one, but before I do I want to sort out what to buy with it.

Have you bought a screen? Which one did you get?

I'm thinking of buying a draper manual pull down screen and an iscan box to convert all my signals (xbox, free to view tv, dvd ) to prog scan.

I saw it on 6ft screen and was, as I said earlier, really impressed. I was thinking about getting a 7ft screen but am concerned the picture may degrade. Have you tried enlarging to 7ft?

I've also been told it does some funny things with letter box format widescreen images (can't remeber the ratio). Any comments?



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I have mine on an 8' wide screen (110" diagonal)......viewing from 11' away, it rocks:D

richard plumb

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sanyo also seems a reliable brand - PLV30 was anyway.

For the budget, an iScan seems an expensive option. Try either the ProV for doing the same thing for around £150 (or less if scan are doing an offer on it)

I've now got my hand on the phone with credit card on desk. :D

Smurfin, Do you see any negative effects from having such a large screen and short distance from scree.. Chicken wire, screen door etc ?

For that price difference there must be a difference between the ISCAN and PROV. Anyone know what it is ?

I've been quoted 700 quid for an ISCAN :eek:

Rob Oldridge

Hi Jus

I have an Arcam player which has PAL/NTSC progressive scan. It does not seem to make a vast difference in quality. I think HTPC or outboard scaler/scan convertor would.

The component input on the Z1 is pretty good. First off I'd use a DVD player with component out. As long as you have prewired to the projector sensibley you can think about adding a scaler/scan convertor later. I would advise running component and VGA to projector.

I can't comment on image quality at larger sizes. My PJ is ceiling mounted and have not had chance to re-cable and move to get bigger image.

Hope this helps.


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I just got my Z1, projected onto a non smooth wall with akind of patterning. If it was smooth I'd go with no screen for now, but light bounces around off small lumps.
But wow what a picture, tried component and SVHS, not much differen e but thats probably the wall.

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