Sanyo Xacti HD1 - Foreign object within Lens !!


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Hi Guys,

I bought a Sanyo Xacti HD1 video camera about 2 years ago now, and i've really enjoyed using it (despite some awful reviews it's had!).

It's not 'broken', but it has become not usable. Somehow a piece of dirt/dust/fluff has arrived on part of my lens, but unfortunately on the inside.

It has ruined the ability to film, because although it only looks about 1mm in size, it's huge and very noticable on playback.

Ideally, I would like to get my hands on an 'exploded diagram' / servicing manual, but I have searched all over the Net and doesn't look like this is available to the public.

So the only option would be to get it repaired/dismanteled but I have no idea where. I did look into this months ago, and spoke to someone on the phone (and Quoted £96), but I cannot remember who/where I called !!

Anyone got any suggestions ?

(oh, and I realise a lot of you will say "Don't waste your money repairing that thing, and just add it to a better camera... !" But if I could get hold of a diagram to take it apart myself, that would be ideal.):)


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Anyway, thanks a bunch for that info.

I've now successfully taken apart my camera, cleared the mark from inside the lens, and now am back to a fully opertaing camera.

Annoyed I didn't do that BEFORE I filmed my sisters' wedding !!

Thanks again.



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I have now exactly the same issue, but can not seem to find in this forum how it is that you solved it finally. I took out all the little screws that I could find, but still couldn't budge that front lens at all to get to the fluff on the inner lens. Please help


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Don't even think of taking the lens apart. When lenses are built the flat portions need to be aligned (that's the lens centre, as you may know). This will be done using very tech gear (expensive) - the chances of you achieving a reconstructed lens after "repair" is maybe 10% - you can improve yr odds by marking the lens positions with a dab of varnish, or paint.

As with most techy things though, it not what you do, rather the way you do it.

OP appears to have been very skillful/lucky, so well-done!
But it begs the Q what was this loose part? and why does the camera function so well without it?

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