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Hi all,

I bought a Sanyo PLVZ2 projector recently. All was fine initially, then I noticed round dark green blobs appearing on the picture in various places on dark scenes. This got progressively worse in during the first week of owning the projector.

I returned the projector to my supplier who immediately swapped it for another machine. He didn't know what was wrong.

However on the new projector after a day of use, I notice a very very slight green blob on the picture (not as bad as the last one)which can only be noticed if I press the "no show" on the remote and am presented with a black screen.

My concern is that this replacement projector is showing a similar problem, which may get worse.

I see that dust blobs has come up a lot in conversation in these forums, is this the same problem?

As it makes no difference to the picture if I clean the front of the lens, I can only guess that if it is dust then its gotta be inside the unit. However is this something I can clean or does it need a qualified engineer.

My problem is that in less than a week these blobs start appearing. I wouldn't consider my lounge to be a particularly dusty area (I am also a non smoker), so why is this happening?

Any advice on what this could be / instructions for cleaning would be gratefully received.


dean randle

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Here's the excellent tutorial with photos off avs. I have done it successfully (only had to once so far), and I'd just recommend having another pair of hands to hold the lid.
Some people have commented on dust getting in if the lens is moved around a lot using the dials. Don't know how true/relevant that is.
It is something of a doddle to do, so don't worry - just make sure you keep that can of air upright!


Ekko Star

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Dust Blobs.

It is happening because a Z2 is not a sealed optic PJ. You are therefore open to dust ingress into the PJ and onto the LCD panels.

This is not a major issue. Some people go ages without any dust being introduced into the PJ and others have it happen more often. If your room isn't dusty anyway then there's not a lot more you can practically do about it really.

You can send it back to Sanyo for them to clean out OR learn to do it yourself. This does however mean opening the unit and removing the lid and blasting compressed air over the panels. The task is not complex at all and it is a worthwhile exercise for simply to learn of the innards of the PJ. Some people may not wish to do this.

The direct risks involved are that by opening the PJ you are 'technically' invalidating your guarantee (TBH unless you are really clumsy they will never know). Also if you inadvertently blast liquified compressed air onto the panels you will more than likely damage them. You must also only use the air on lcd panels that are completely cool.



did you resolve this problem?

I just set up my brand new celing mounted Z2 on Friday and noticed similar problem.. 2 green blobs on the screen, only apparent when the scene being viewed is extremely dark.

Obviously I'm reluctant to open it up unless I have to..



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I have one on my ae500. I used the guide to clean. It was back within a few days. I cant shift it now at all however much air I use. Even tried removing the ribbon connections to get better access.

I have spoken to Panasonic and its going back for service. They are giving me a loan unit whilst it is away. Only an ae200 but better than nothing..


Brilliant pics, looks easy enough, I'm going to try it as soon as I can find some compressed air; I've got five green blobs, most annoying!

Thanks people


I also found the green blobs on the dark screen and fixed it with compressed air. Just thought i`d mention keep the can upright or you`ll be replacing your lcd panels!

Chris Frost

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andydeacon said:
I returned the projector to my supplier who immediately swapped it for another machine. He didn't know what was wrong.
You gave this dealer your hard earned cash and yet he didn't know about something as simple as dust on the LCD panels. How scary is that! My god, let's hope you don't need to ask him anything complicated.

Hope you manage to keep the dust issue at bay.



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I had two rather large green blobs on my Sanyo Z1. I took it apart last night and gave it a blast with an air duster (keeping the can upright) and it worked a treat. Only problem was I gave myself a scare because I forgot to reconnect the cable from the buttons on the casing so it wouldn't switch on! :suicide: once I reconnected it all was well :clap:


I think you've worked it out already but definately is a dust blob

I had a number of them within a couple of days of getting my Z2. As i purchased it overseas i followed the guide and cleaned myself - all of them went away

i've been using it for about 9 months now and only just recently one new blob has appeared. The conditions of my room etc are similar to yours so i think a lot of it is out of your control. It was particularly interesting that most of the dust blobs came about in the first couple of days and since then has been pretty good.

can't really be bothered taking the PJ down from the ceiling mount to clean it so will probably get around to blasting it again some day !!

good luck !!

sorry to be thick, following the instructions, do i spray above the ribbon or under the ribbon?


ps cant beleive last night i say i aint got any, come to watch a film this pm and i have 2 of them!!


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I put the straw from the air duster just inside the hole (both sides) where the ribbon comes out. Make sure you keep the can upright so that it doesn't squirt liquid on to the panels.

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