Sanyo PLV-Z1 throw angle and interlaced input

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    Hello there,

    I am a relative newcomer to the world of projection tv and a newbie here (although I have been lurking for a bit and picked up some excellent tips). I am the delighted owner of a PLV-Z1 which I now have wall mounted and projecting across my living room. My questions are:
    - Is there any optical advantage in mounting the projector upside down?
    - Is it optically preferable to use projector tilt or lens shift?

    At the moment it is set right way up with a lot of downwards adjustment on the lens shift, and a little bit of keystone adjustment as well (the height of the projector approximating to the top of the screen).

    Also, when feeding it component input from my Panasonic S75 DVD player (10 metre cables), I notice I get an annoying (though slight) ghosting when the DVD player is set to progressive NTSC output - so I am using interlaced output. To be honest, the difference seems to be minimal. Does the Z1 have a good reputation as a de-interlacer or should I expect an appreciably better picture from a prog NTSC input?

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