Sanyo PLV-Z1 in the UK??


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Has it hit these shores yet? I'm interested in upgrading either the Z1 or the Panny AE300.
Is there a 240V Z1 around yet and how much, dont really want to have to bother with Voltage convertors ETC.
I have been reading up on the Z1 on AVS forums with interest.


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i am also waiting.......
if it is of any intrest sevenoaks tell me about 2 weeks for there stock and the guy said they will exchange if i get any dead pixels.
full price though.


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How much is Sevenoaks quoting you for the Sanyo ??

Sean G.

James Buckle

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I can confirm that the Sanyo PLV-Z1 widescreen LCD projector will be available in the UK within the next week to two weeks - SRP £1,495.


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the price was 1500 quid sean.

:::news flash:::
went in to my local sound academy today asked the guy if he could find out about sanyo for me and ae200 uk release.
he said the ae200 had not got a date(boo hiss)but the sanyo z1 will be in stock wed of next week priced at 1525 but stock will be


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£1,100 from PriceJapan, £1300 from AV Sales and £1500 from Sevenoaks. AV Sales looks a good bet to me, especially if they have the zero dead pixel policy.


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Originally posted by HBK757
£1,100 from PriceJapan, £1300 from AV Sales and £1500 from Sevenoaks. AV Sales looks a good bet to me, especially if they have the zero dead pixel policy.

they dont seem to say one way or another on sanyo but they dont do returns on panny ae100's,if they have under what panny deem ok (20 dead pixels?) u r screwed!!
:eek: :confused: :mad:


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Originally posted by HBK757
£1,100 from PriceJapan, £1300 from AV Sales and £1500 from Sevenoaks. AV Sales looks a good bet to me, especially if they have the zero dead pixel policy.

Apparently they don't do a 'no dead pixel' guarantee, and other than Price Japan nobody has mentioned they have used a store/online retailer that has one. Whilst the Price Japan route looks promising, there's too many headaches and unknowns imo £200 quid to send back, no warrenty, VAT?

Think I'll stick to the UK. So, this brings me to my next point. Anyone know Sanyos dead pixel policy? Can't find it for the z1

Cheers in advance :)


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I spoke to Owl yesterday, I was doing a bit of research on pixel policies. On all Sanyos other pj's its 99.99% perfection i.e dead pixels on your unit, tough bananas mate, it's within spec.I wanted to go dlp for that reason, unfortunately i suffer from rainbowitis it seems.


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spoke to sevenoaks again today to see when the stock was coming in they said about 2 weeks now!:rolleyes:
also backtracked about dead pixels when i double cheaked now they are saying that it is the "universal standard of 3 dead pixels!"i dont know where he got this from as most people you ask just suck their teeth at you or go really vague!
it does worry me a bit as i dont have loads of money and need something that is going to last and i wont regret buying....
rant over!

James Buckle

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Hi everyone,

For all those interested, the Sanyo PLV-Z1 is now shipping. We have a large number in stock ready for immediate dispatch to dealers!


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Could you state Owls policy for returns from dealers due to stuck pixels? It would clarify this issue for all of us, and inform a lot of buying decisions.

Ian Guinan


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Hi Ian,

I think we should be looking at Sanyo's policy here not Owl's. Owl are the UK distributor for Sanyo LCD projectors in to the leisure and home entertainment industry and are reliant on Sanyo's warranty policy.

From memory Sanyo allowed a maximum of 3 dead pixels on the screen, this was measured against their tolerancies. They use to divide the screen in to a grid of 9 and see where the dead pixels were. If you had two dead pixels in one grid then the unit was covered by the warranty. Needless to say if you had one dead pixel centre screen and 2 more around the outside in different grids, then its tough luck.

Short of speaking to Sanyo directly, Sevenoaks (Nottingham) have had some recent experiences with Sanyo's PLV30.

See what Owl can come up with.



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On another thread someone once posted about an episode of Working Lunch which pointed out that when you buy mail order or from the internet you have extra consumer rights.

One of those rights is that you can send back a product within 7 days for a full refund without having to give a reason. Basically it's a coolling off period as it may not be what you wanted as you can't see it, or try it before you buy, as you can in a shop.

They say that if you don't like the number of dead pixels then send it back without mentioning them and ask for a refund without giving a reason otherwise they'll only argue the toss. Of course you'll have to pay the postage fee and the product with packaging must be undamaged by you.

You'll probably have to find an alternative retailer for a replacement but then you'd probably want to anyway.



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I thought the 7 day mail order / net SOG act only applied if the box was unopened and in unused condition.

Incidentally I have contacted 3 sevenoaks and they haven't got a clue. Both of them tried to sell me an Optima or a Sanyo PL30, siting it was better than the Z1. But when questioned haven't seen the z1.


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Its equally dissapointing owl havent come back on this thread
you would have thought they would be interested to
protect consumers
as to SOG and distance selling how can you check for dead pixels if it s not out the box?
I think you are required to take reasonable care of the item
and not continue to use it.

If you don't have enough dead pixels for a company to take the projector back can you not just kill off a few more pixels?

I think it's outragous that these companies can say that they don't care if you buy goods from them that aren't 100% working....especially with the amount of money you spend on buying a projector.

Couple of points...

A shop demos a product to you. I think it is reasonable for you expect the product you buy to match the quality of product you were shown. Otherwise it's misrepresentation isn't it ?

If you buy an amp with a scratch you expect a discount. If you buy an amp and a function doesn't work on it you would get a replacement.


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Unfortunatly, a few dead pixels is considered part of the manufacturing process. They can't produce them to that sort of tolerance. Its your risk ..

Although I'm sure if it went to court you maybe able to argue the product is not fit for the purpose of home-cinema.

Thing is, the manufacturers often pre-warn you by way of the manual, so I suppose its your choice if you by it as described, like in the tosh manual it says a few dead pixels are considered not a warranty item.


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as was said above the right to return exists
independently of any other considerations
you dont like it you can return within 7 days
from some us.threads some distributors have
a zero dead pixel policy


Pixel Defects
It should be pointed out to customers that products such as Plasma Display & LCD
TV use display technologies that may occasionally have pixels (or dots) missing or
permanently lit. This does not necessarily indicate a fault. It is important that
prospective customers are advised of this specification and are happy that this type
of technology is suitable for their intended use of the product. Also, please be aware
that displays may take up to 3 months to settle down and pixel failure can occur at
any time within the product's life. There is no guarantee that a perfect screen at the
time of purchase, with no permanently lit or dead pixels, will not be subject to pixel
loss at a later date.
Any customers requesting service for pixel defects, when, in the opinion of Manufacturer,
the product is within specification, will be referred back to the supplying dealer.
Manufacturer will not accept units back for credit for pixel drop out if the display is
within specification.

Permanently lit pixels
• Red or green pixels: None allowed anywhere on the screen.
• Blue pixels: Up to 2 groups in the centre of the screen and 2 groups around
the outer edges are allowed, with up to 2 pixels in each group.
• If there is more than one group of pixels, they should be separated by at
least 15 mm.
Dead pixels
• Up to 8 individual dead pixels are allowed, of any colour, anywhere on
the screen.
• Or up to 2 groups of 2 adjacent pixels in the centre of the screen and 6
groups around the outer edges.
• Or up to 1 group of 3 pixels in the centre of the screen and 2 around the
outer edges.
• In all cases, if there is more than one group of pixels, they should be
separated by at least 5 mm.
Plasma Display
Permanently lit pixels
• No permanently lit pixels are allowed anywhere on the screen.
Dead pixels
• Red or blue: Up to 3 dead pixels are allowed in the centre of the screen.
No dead green pixels are allowed in the centre of the screen.
• Up to 6 dead pixels, of any colour, are allowed around the outside of the
screen, if there is more than one

James Buckle

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Dear All,

Appologies for getting back to you late on this - have today received through from the office a copy of the allowable pixel failure. I work mostly away from the office and family issues sometimes get in the way of spending time on the internet but here goes!

Firstly I would say that the reply that Hoppy has added recently, although not Sanyo's, is a fair reflection of the industry in general with regard to manufacturing tolerances.

I will state this now for anybody purchasing a fixed panel projector, be it LCD or DLP etc. In the UK, NO Manufacturer will warrant that the panels used are 100% effective. This is the case no matter how much you spend, so it is perhaps a little unfair to expect a £1,500 projector to offer more in this regard than a £10,000 projector. That said, from our perspective as a distributor, we will always review any case of pixel failures on it's own merit and take it up with the manufacturer concerned if necessary.

Now if a dealer takes it upon themselves to guarantee that the product is pixel perfect, it is at their risk.

Sanyo's allowable pixel failure rate is very much in line with other LCD projector manufacturers. A representative from Sanyo UK will be at Owl tomorrow and in fairness to them I will need clearance from them first before publishing their specific policy (i.e. on defects, off defects per colour etc).

In the meantime, if you are in the market for a £1,500 widescreen HT projector, we are more than happy to answer any questions you have with regard to the PLV-Z1 :)

Best regards

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