Sanyo PLV-30 Living in fear!


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I'm new to this forum business but thought I'd give it a go.

I’ve been enjoying my Sanyo PLV-30 for about 18 months now, never had a problem with it, screen resolution, colour quality and projection size/distance have been A1.

However, I’ve been living in fear ever since the orange lamp light came on a few months ago. As a result I’ve hardly used it the past couple of months and now tentatively put it on for the odd movie maybe a couple a times a week. Anyway I have three questions to the PLV-30 folk out there.

1. How do I check the lamp life (i.e. used hours) and what’s the consensus on the lamp life, I’ve heard the first lamp lasts the longest. Is it 1000, 2000 or 3000 hours (I want personally experienced hours too if possible, manufacturers tend to err on the side of caution.
2. Where can I get a lamp that will save me re-mortgaging the house
3. Does the lamp 'go with a bang’ and irrespective of it 'going with a bang' or whimper can I do the projector any damage by using up the lamp totally before replacement.

Your experiences/answers much appreciated.

Ta, sunny (living in fear) sanyo.


I think i recall that you hold the up button on the projector for about 30 seconds though having had a Z2 between then and now, im not so sure!

lamp life shouldnt reasonably be shorter for a replacement unless the projector itself is causing additional degradation through age. The actual life we dont know, I was quoted 2000 hours at purchase, others were told only 1000. My orange lamp came on at 1000 and the supplier told me simply to reset and all would be dandy.

where to buy..... try ivojo or lampz, in any case you are looking at £300 ish

all the best


sunny sanyo

Well I've come from home from work and checked. My lamp is apparently 909hrs old.

Why are the orange and now red lamps on? Is there a way to reset these and carry on watching movies without the tyranny of the colour-coded terror alerts?

Info much appreciated buns; have you any experience of your own though about lamp life?

1. Do the lamps go with a 'bang' i.e. explode?

2. How do I reset the lamp?

3. Why are the lights (terror alerts) coming on at 909hrs?

I want to hear more about personal experiences about how many hours peoples lamps lasted for the PLV-30.

Thanks in advance.

sunny (colour-coded terror alerted) sanyo
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