Sanyo plv-30 demo in the north west

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Timh, Mar 3, 2001.

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    Sep 14, 2000
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    Hi all
    I went to The Hi-fi showrooms in Congleton, to look at racking, but I got a bit sidetracked walking by the cinema room.
    They had Elderado r1 running on a 8ft screen from a Seleco crt projector, I was well impressed, untill I turned round and saw a very small Lcd projector, the plv-30, I had to get a demo after reading all the posts on this little gem.
    It was quickley connected by s-video lead, straight away I was well impressed the image seemed to be a lot sharper than the seleco (no fuzzy edges) I was also very impressed with the black's, yes they were black, and the room wasn't totally blacked out either.
    I then asked for a demo with live footage, as cartoons can look pretty good on any setup.
    We settled for Flubber, as my 4 year old daughter was with us, although it didnt look quite as good, I was still impressed, you could see the line structure, but this was on an 8 ft screen, after leeving I wish I had asked him to swink the image to 6ft, which is what I would probably go for if I purchased one.
    My mrs was also impressed, so I had better start saving.
    Shop setup
    Archam dvd
    Lexicon processor
    amps dont know
    speakers Kef THX system.
    All you plv-30 owners what type and size screen are you using?

    p.s No I didnt buy any racking.

    You are not Jadzia....Jadzia has gone to Stovacore
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    If it helps anyone the PLV 30 can be seen in the North East at Global Hi Fi in Newcastle- I saw it yesterday and was very impressed. The demo, combined with the comments from teh users of this forum pretty much have me convinced.

    Peter Johnson

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