sanyo plc-5505 E



can anyone help me in finding information on the sanyo plc-5505E PJ.
specifically what keys to press to access the hidden menu's.
any instructional information on how to do a lamp change on this model, a place to get the cheapest replacement lamps from and
any other model pj (if any) that uses same lamp.

thanks in advance . phil.
To find out the Lamp hours hold the select key down for about 20 secs. If you need change the lamp first you have to pull the slide across the mains socket (this will allow the lamp cover to be removed) On the bottom of the projector there is a panel remove the screw and panel this reveal the lamp remove two screws holding the lamp in its houseing and pull the lamp out. After putting in the new lamp and replaceing the panel power up the projector go into the menu find the lamp replacement mode and reset counter.

The 5505 was mainly used for Pc presentations its about 4 years old 800x600 res, not very bright ,dust collector and a bugger for breaking down (handle with care)

New bulbs going to cost around £300-£400 + Vat most Sanyo dealers should be able to get you one
thanks for the reply.

the lumens on it is 500 ansi.
the max res is xga 1024x768
i presume by 4 years old that was when sanyo stopped manufacturing this model.( i think mine is a little older i purchased second user private sale.).
i have not yet checked lamp life left yet, i was mainly inquiring for future reference.

the price of new lamps very expensive which was why i was wondering whether a cheaper alternative was available as i only paid 450.00 for the pj and if replacement was needed it would be cheaper to buy another second user one. and i'd have plenty of other spares available for the future if needed.

800x600 is its native res 1024 is compressed. The 5505 was replaced by the 5605 (svga) and the 8805 (xga) . The lamp life is 1000 hours on the 5505. Hard one to call on what to do if you need a new bulb maybe put the money towards a better projector.
held down UP button for 20 secs
displayed 1, 02 NOT 1,002 there is a space after the comma
any ideas what the numbers mean.


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