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Sanyo HD2 with 8GB SDHC card


Active Member
I just got my HD2 today. I have an 8gb SDHC card which it's trying to format at the moment. Not sure how long it should take, but it's been going for about 100 minutes so far. Has anyone formatted one in this cam? If so how long did it take?

I tried to format the 8GB card on my PC (a 14 month old Dell with stock card reader), but it won't read it or format it. I also tried 2 other USB card readers but no luck there either. I understand some card readers won't read SDHC cards. Does anyone know about this?

I have a 1gb card from another camera that works fine in the HD2. It didn't require formatting, although the manual says you will need to re-format cards from othe cameras and those formatted in a PC.


Active Member
The manual says:

"Data Storage Media:
SD Memory Card (equivalent to a maximum 8 GB SDHC Memory Card)"

My card is an 8GB Super Talent SDHC 150x


Well-known Member
Yes, now that confused me the other day when I read the spec of another SDHC card cited at 150x because I thought that SDHC was measured by Class Rating, 2,4 and 6, rather than speed, as wer ethe older SD cards. It may be that I am wrong again, but if I were you I'd go to the DVInfo forum where there is a dedicated area for Sanyo VPC cams, and ask there about which SD card to use with teh HD2.

I'd post a link but it's discouraged on here to post links to "competing" forums. I don't mean discouraged on this section, but on AVF as a whole.


Active Member
It seems they have SDHC card readers in Poundland... and guess what...They cost just over 99p. I'm going to my local store tomorrow.


Active Member
Well... I returned my 8GB STALENT SDHC 150X to scan.co.uk and they say it "formatted fine in a usb card reader", so I guess these don't work in the Sanyo HD2.

Can anyone tell me what cards (SDHC) thay have used sucessfully in a HD2?

Purely gadgets sell the cam in a bundle with a Transcend 8GB SDHC Card, but
this adds £64 to the price, which is why I bought the SuperTalent card at Scan separately for about £45.


Well-known Member
Yes, but you shouldn't format SDHC cards that you intend to use in a camera in a PC, should you? All camcorder manuals tell you this.

Interestingly, my 4GB Veho SDHC card was from Scan, and I can format that no problem in a USB reader in a PC, but it doesn't work in any camera or camcorder I have ever owned.


Well-known Member
If you go and ask on here:


That is where all the HD2 boys hang out.

I bought some Transcends from Douglas Hare at www.mydigitaldiscount.com where two 8GB Class 6 Transcends can be had for $180 including delivery by FedEx (two days from USA East Coast). Douglas is a right on guy and uses his skill and judgement to ameliorate your tax exposure, IYSWIM ;)

Alternatively, Integral 8GB SDHC Class 6 can be had from here:


Arrived the next day and works in my new SDR-S150. :clap:

But I am talking about my Panasonic not your HD2, so please check at dvinfo.

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