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Sanyo C25PG51 wont come off standby

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by phreak97, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. phreak97


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    the other day i aquired a Sanyo C25PG51 [service reference: C25PG51 - 50] from a guy who said it had a standby problem and had some dry joints fixed a year or so ago.

    when i turned the set on, sure enough, it went into standby and wouldnt come out. with it open, i can see that it does try to come out of standby but never makes it. the standby led becomes fractionally dimmer and the set makes a whistling noise as tv's do, but the noise has something missing.. after a second or two the tv goes back to regular standby. the video and audio never do anything at all. btw i am using ch up/down to bring it off standby as i have no remote.

    also when i turn the tv off at the switch, it makes another whistling noise which wavers before dying out.. i dont know if that is normal or not.

    if the problem is the standby circuit then i'd be happy enough to bypass standby completely, as it is quite useless seeing i have no remote anyway.

    any help much appreciated.

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