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    Had a major task from the father in law today. I had to find a 23" (About) LCD for his new Caravan (Static type) by Friday. Budget was £400.
    I went to Argos and tried to get one from there. Looked at the Wharfedale, Bush, Mykimo(?) etc. But, they had none in stock.l Went to Comet and Curries. Nothing in the price range. A couple of local stores had some budget sets but none in shop stock and mid next week was the earliest they could get them.
    Walked into Powerhouse and they had a sale on. I found a Sanyo Ce23lc4w-B
    Part of their signature range. £499.99 Integrated. £399.99 without. £250 pounds off original price (No way i'd have paid that for it), I plumped for the none intergrated.
    It's a good little set for the use its going to get. It's not HD ready. I Tried it on my set up at home and the picture quality was good. It would make an Ideal bedroom or kitchen set, they also do a 17" version. I'm thinking of going back tomorrow and getting one for myself.
    If Only he had given me more time I could have used the Net to get him a bargain. Still It's his money...

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