Santo CE26LD08-B TV Setup


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My Panasonic has just lost its picture (LED backlight issue) and I've been given a Sanyo CE26LD08-B TV which I cannot tune for the life of me.
I've tried tuning via the Install - Search facility but it doesn't recognise any channels.
Cannot find a user manual online, the nearest is the CE26LD47-B but it has different procedures for setup.
At best I can get the picture-in-picture with DVD playing but can't even get the movie to fill the screen.
I thought of a factory reset but this is nowhere to be found.
Is anyone familiar with this model?
Thank you


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I thank you for this but....the information shown on page 27 of the manual shows setup for the Sanyo CE26LD47-B oddly enough.
Apparently I can get the manual from the same company as in the link at a price.
The menu, as shown in the screenshot, doesn't exist on my TV so no chance of doing a reset.


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Does it have a digital tuner? Any freeview branding on it? It appears to date from circa 2011 so it's a little late to be analogue-only but it is budget unbranded TV.


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I too wondered if it had built-in Freeview as there is no indication on the set.
Internet tells me it has.
I feel as though the solution is staring right at me.
At least I can use it to watch DVDs which I prefer.
Won't give up yet and will keep you posted.


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What sources do you get when you press the source or input button?
Can you upload a picture of the remote that came with the TV?


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Nothing worked at first but when I put a disc in the DVD, miraculously, the set up screen appeared. BTW - the remote was caked in filth, took 15 minutes to clean it inside and out.
Took about three days to get to this stage.
The only other problems are there is no software upgrade available; the last upgrade was in 2009. No factory reset either.
Still can't find a manual.
Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply.


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The only other problems are there is no software upgrade available; the last upgrade was in 2009. No factory reset either.
A lack of recent software updates for a TV of that age is normal, especially if it isn't 'smart'. A lack of ability to a factory reset, however, isn't. I don't think I've ever owned a TV that didn't have that option.

I wonder if it's hidden in a service menu ? This link suggests it might be and provides a couple of methods they claim are suitable for accessing the service menu on Sanyo TVs but I can't vouch for the site or the methods, so proceed at your own risk !

Service Menus are usually intended for use by TV engineers so if you go down this route, I would make a note of any current Service Menu settings (taking photos saves having to write anything down) and be very careful when navigating the menu.

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