Sansui AU-101 as a pre-amp?


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Hello all and happy new year!

I'm currently using a Sansui AU-101 solid state amp as my primary mode of listening, and I'm more than happy with it – a great little amp that punches above its weight and sounds lovely. At present, I'm only using it to drive a pair of Celestion Countys so the fact it only says it only puts out 15wpc isn't a problem, but I'd like to have something more powerful in future, especially if I upgrade my speakers.

My question is: is there any way I'd be able to use it as a pre-amp with a more powerful (probably more modern) amplifier as my main (power, is it called?) amp, and if so how would I go about it? This is what mine looks like from the back: http://img.2dehands.be/f/normal/32194678_2-sansui-au-101-versterker-gratis-pioneer-tuner.jpg

Obviously the "phono" and "aux" sockets are inputs, but would I be right in thinking the "tape rec" one is an output, designed for recording onto an external tape deck? If so, would the tape rec output be suitable for hooking up the Sansui via a phono cable to another amplifier? Or is this all just wishful thinking and dedicated pre-amps have special sockets this one doesn't? :)

Hope someone can help! Thanks in advance.

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