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Sansa E270 -- where is my radio?



I bought an Sansa E270 yesterday. So far very happy with it: seems robust, massive flash storage, decent SQ, clean UI.

However, I am certain that this unit is supposed to have an FM tuner built-in -- in deed the onboard demo movie even shows it listed in the menu [also can see icon in picture on the box, in the user guide]. In fact reference to the FM tuner is everywhere except in the menu on my unit!!!!!

Has anyone else had this problem? Could it have been deactivated somehow? A problem with the firmware, perhaps [I have got v01.00.12E].

I am awaiting a response from Sandisk customer support, but thought I'd try you guys as well.

Much obliged,



Standard Member
they disabled it on teh eu version to lower the tax on it.... peopel are trying to load on us firmaware to enable as far as i know

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