Sanity check on Denon 2807 / Yamaha V2600


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Morning all,

Ok last week I thought I had settled on the Denon 2807 :thumbsup: but then I started to go back to the Yamaha 2600 :devil: (getting hold of one is a different matter), so here is were I am at the moment but I want to sanity :lesson: check some thing :

I will input Humax 2000 HD, PS3 (pre ordered hope I get one of the first batch), and Prog Scan DVD player so my understating is that the up scaling of the 2600 would not take effect as this signal would all be pass-through any way in which case the 2600 is not benefit (up scaling) and I might as well stick with the 2807 ?

Unless of course anybody else can recommend a AMP that does HDMI switching, conversion from analogue to HDMI (and maybe up scaling :) ) for around the £800 mark ?



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The Yam would upscale the 576p from the DVD to, say 720p, but of course your screen will do that too.

Will the Yam accept 1808p that I believe the PS3 is reputed to offer? The Denon appears to.


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Yeah I see what your saying but as my screen does not support 1080p (yet another upgrade :) ) I am not too concerned so at the moment it is looking like Denon 2807 will be what I am going with :) that is of course until I read something else and change my mind again :)

Now for the speakers................time to get my friendly local store to hook some up for me to listen too


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typical I have just had a German dealer come back too me about the 2600 and they can ship it to the UK for £774 :) and they only have one in stock !!!

[Mod Comment - Knyght_byte: please dont circumvent the swear filter, thankyou] got to make a choice soon !!!!!:eek:


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Hey macker_s:
Did you go for the Denon or the Yammie??

or still deliberating.....:confused:


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In the end I ordered the Yamaha should get it early next week and it is black :clap: which will match my other AV equipment just fine !!!

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