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Sandy Heath Problems


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About a week before the retune, I lost the quality on all 6 of my Freeview sets on a number of channels.

I've factory reset and retuned all the sets, but I am unable to watch the following channels;

BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, C4, 5, ITV2, C4+1, More 4, Virgin (completely missing), ITv+1, BBC News,

The following channels are fine;

Sky3, Yesterday, Film4, 4Music, Dave, TMF, Ideal World, ITV4, Dave ja vu, E4, E4+1, Virgin +1, BBC Parliament, Sky News, Sky Sports

I have an 8 way booster box and aerial in the loft, which are 3 years old.

Is anyone else having similar problems?

Can anyone shed any light on this problem?


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I've switched off the booster box and service has resumed on all but one set.

I'm guessing that Sandy heath have increased the strength of the signal?

Deleted member 293381


The picture improved on all my TVs and boxes after the re-tune.

Like you I can only guess the transmitter power has increased.



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I've just had a look at Welcome page | ukfree.tv - independent digital TV + switchover advice, since 2002 and it looks like that I'm not receiving Mux1, Mux2, MuxA, MuxB?

It says that I need a Wideband aerial?

But why would everything been OK up to a week before the switchover? What has changed?

How would I know if I purchased a 'Wideband' aerial?

I doubt if it's anything to do with either the switchover or the aerial as such as this was working fine in the first instance.

How is your 8 way Amp. powered? is it the type which is fed from a power supply behind the TV & sends it's power up the coax to the Amp.? if so ensure this lead has not been damaged & or the coax plug has not been loosened. Also has the Aerial been inadvertantly moved at all? If the Amp. is powered from the loft ensure the power is on/fuse not blown. It is possible for a reduced signal to be past to your sets if the Amp. is not functioning for some reason. :)


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Booster is in loft about 2m from aerial, signal is split 6 ways around the house.

No one has been in the loft for a month or so, I've checked the F connections and they are all tight.

The one TV that I'm unable to tune is a Philips LCD, before I turned off the booster, I had the stations as previously mentioned. Now got nothing except a very grainy analogue picture?

Internal TV strength indicator shows as poor?


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If you are confident the aerial has not been shifted then I would suspect the Amplifier to be at fault here. If you can lay your hands on an "F" plug jointer you could disconnect each of the outlets in turn & couple them to the main feed to the Aerial, if they all work fine as i suspect they will the fault is definately the Amp.

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