Sandisk Extreme IV question


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Can the Eos 40D take advantage of the faster speed of the Extreme IV cards ? I read a review on Amazon that said none of the Canon range can take advantage of these cards and you are as well off with an Extreme III card. Anyone know if this is true or not ?



There is not a lot in it. For example for a Canon 40D ...

Extreme IV 4GB JPG =7.638MB/sec,
Extreme III 4GB JPG =7.376MB/sec
Ultra II 4Gb JPG = 6.27MB/sec

The new 4GB Extreme III is rated at 30 MB/sec, whereas the Extreme IV is rated at 40MB/sec. The 40D has 17 frame buffer for RAW images, 75 for Fine. You could shoot 22 RAW frames in 4 seconds before the buffer slows down on a Extreme IV, maybe a few less on the Extreme III.


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Cheers to you both for your replies, looks like I'll be saving myself some money and getting Extreme III cards then :)


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I think in the camera itself the card makes little to no difference. If you have a firewire card reader and extreme IV memory though I think it decreases download times to PC quite substantially. Depends how often you fill a whole card and need to empty it into your hard drive :) Not a big issue for me but I suppose if you're shooting buckets every day it would make it worthwhile.


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I don't mind the wait for downloading from the card to be honest as I usually start it off as soon as I get home and make myself a coffee whilst it's happening.
I didn't realise there was this sort of discussion on other threads, I've noticed another one where people are comparing the 2 types of card. I also noticed that 7DayShop changed to the new 30MB Extreme III cards shortly after I bought mine from them before Easter :D

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