Sand filling

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i have just bought some mission v62 floorstanders and in the manual it says you can fill with sand, what difference will that make? apart from making them heavyer

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It should help to reduce cabinet resonance. If you do go down that route. Make sure the sand is dry and you put it in sealed plastic bags. I'm not familiar with the speakers so I have no idea what they'll sound like.


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it tightens up the bass and really does improve the speakers ive tried it with. my current speakers are mass filled.

Timmy C

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I sand filled some old Missions and it certainly improved the bass. A very cheap and worthwhile upgrade I would say. I oven baked some kids play sand until it was free flowing and filled the plastic bags supplied with the speakers.

On the downside it makes them bloody heavy and a bit difficult to shift on ebay as I couldn't post them!
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