Samsungs slim fit reply.


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Hi all,

I ordered a slim fit TV, and then i finally read everyones problems with them...and i cancelled the order, and even in the store the geometry was awfull.

I emailed samsung as I see even in the USA they had the same problem, but now in USA they have released the new version of the slim fit with what i have heard - NO PROBLEMS!!! i have contacted samsung with a harsh and to the point email on why they have released this set with so many problems.

Here is the link to the new samsung slim fit in the USA and Europe (not UK though) =

and here are samsungs replies that i had off them today.

The early arriving stocks of slimfit did suffer from geometry problems a “doming effect” in some circumstances. This has now been rectified some time ago and new stock has been in store for some time. Any product found to be suffering from this fault should be swapped under warranty.

With regard to new versions of slimfit; nothing is confirmed as yet but it looks like there will be a number of new models in the UK next year possibly including the new US version mentioned.


Dear Adrian

We had some complaints early on when this product was launched but since then with modifications we haven’t experienced any further problems.

We do however have a new model out if this is of interest the WS32Z306VBXXEU

Any further questions please ask.

Im on the look out for a really good decent CRT, is it worth taking the risk on the 308 model still ?



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Have a look at the slimfit thread. I only took delivery of mine 2 weeks ago and the geometry was still a problem. As you will see the problem is that there is no agreed guideline as to what is reasonable when it comes down to geometry and therefore it will be up to your retailer to decide whether the set is faulty. In my case Samsung sent an engineer out and took mine to be looked at. They accepted there was a problem and their engineers say they have fixed the problem and I will get it back on Saturday. Samsung though will not replace any faulty set and if your retailer will not accept the set as faulty it will be down to you to argue the toss with them.

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