Samsung's First HD Camcorder, HMX10




Samsung's first HD camcorder, the VP-HMX10C, delivers HD picture quality resolution and a 2.7-inch high-resolution touch panel LCD screen.
The first of a great bunch is the VP-HMX10, a slim-line digital HD camcorder that has a mega quick start of only 3 seconds, 2 hour battery life, 720p output at 50fps, up to 8GB of internal memory and uses flash memory to store footage. There is also a 10x zoom and an SD card slot (we predict there will also be an SDHC too).

Flash animation about HMX10…:clap:


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More models to choose from is always nice. I'm not sure this will be the perfect camcorder though; need to see what the quality of the video is like. I've not yet been impressed with a Samsung camcorder, but I'll keep an open mind.


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Maybe this is Samsungs chance to shed off the image of lacklustre camcorders

Thier Digital Stills are also a mixed bag though the mid range Bridge and DSLRs are great

Their Displays are justifiably very popular


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Given that it is a first post, there is certainly a real posssibility
of :spam: coming from Japan

However the post is highlighting a new product by a major company which anyone with genuine intentions could just as easily have posted
Regardless of any altruist intension by the OPs we'll just let it run.
I wouldnt have thought Samsung need to use Spamers to promote thier product, quality speaks for itself

At any rate Ive edited the post to move any claims to "The Perfect Camcorder".. Proper reviews will soon follow anyhow:)

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