Samsung's f5300 range. Can you tune in and watch Sky/satellite channels (i.e. without

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...a decoder box)?

Hi guys, first post, don't beat me up too much, :D

I was interested in f5300 range of TVs, in particular the 32inch model, the ue32f5300 (the UK model, ue32f5300ak), and I noticed something interesting when looking at the tech specs at 32-inch F5300 Series 5 Smart 100 CMR Full HD (1080p) LED TV - Samsung UK - TECH SPECS

If you go to to the inputs/outputs section, it states "RF (Satellite) : 1" as well as listing a standard RF terrestrial aerial/cable connector, which implies the TV has not only a coax connector for a standard TV aerial, but also a second connector for a satellite input (I assume the screw connector-style ones that connect to Sky boxes)?

There is also a similar listing for the ue40 40inch model of the f5300 range, so if this is an description error, it's an error on more than one tech spec for the f5300 range. Strangely, though, on looking and the tech spec for the 32incher of the f5500, 32-inch F5500 Series 5 Smart 100 CMR Full HD (1080p) LED TV - Samsung UK - TECH SPECS, there's no mention of a satellite input, which is strange, as I thought the 5500 range was more or less a slight upgrade on the 5300s, with main differences (that I've spotted) being a better stand and wifi built in. If these descriptions are right, then it seems the 5500s are missing a feature the 5300s have.

Also, under the 32f5300 tech specs, a few days ago there was also listed a DVB-S2 decoder listed, which on Googling, is a satellite digital TV standard, which hints, again, that the TV can view digital satellite channels. But mysteriously in the last few days, Samsung's tech specs page has been edited around a bit, and this "S2" mention seems to have disappeared. Perhaps, unfortunately, suggesting that any listing of satellite TV capability on this TV might be in error.

I've tried to investigate further, but I'm having trouble tracking down a high-res picture of the back of this TV to see what connectors it actually has, and no reviews I've seen of the TV mention a satellite RF connector. I tried looking at the manual (pdf), but manuals don't seem to be Samsung's strong point, "the number of connectors and their names and locations may vary depending on the model" - not the most model specific manuals in the world, then - Although interestingly, there is a drawn picture of two RF inputs for terrestrial and satellite well as other pictures just showing a terrestrial input, so at least on some models this manual exists for, there are two RF inputs.

Anyway, this satellite input, if it actually exists, interests me greatly, as I am thinking of switching from Freeview to FreeSat and getting a FreeSat box and dish, but if I buy a f5300 range TV and can get the TV to tune in to Sky/satellite channels without the need for a box, only a dish, then that would save me an extra purchase and the integration (I assume) would be better. No two remote, two EPG nonsense, is what I'm thinking, and I could probably also make use of the TV's basic PVR functions to record satellite channels?

If it works, then I realise this wouldn't be full FreeSat. But I get the impression FreeSat's mainly a branded EPG that organises free to air satellite channels. And as the 5300s are Smart TVs, then who knows, there might be a FreeSat EPG add-on app about?

So to getting back to the question, I'd like to ask someone who already owns one of these f5300 range TVs or who knows, does the satellite connector actually exist and is functional? And if so, have you actually managed to tune in any satellite channels with success? And how well do you feel it works compared to a FreeSat box? Is it smooth or clunky and problematic?

Can anyone help?

Thanks if you can.

P.S. I confess, my knowledge of modern TV is a bit patchy, so apologies if I've made some blunder, huge, dumb assumption, or gone barking up the wrong tree in this post.


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I very much doubt an entry level Samsung has inbuilt freesat tuner. They do higher up the range

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Re: Thread move. I'm considering buying it, so I put it in the other place, but fair enough :D.

@vickster. Well if the mention of a satellite RF connector and the mention of the "DVB-S2" tuner (that disappeared) wasn't an error, and if my understanding of the tech is right (which I accept it might not be, as I'm on a bit of a learning curve), I think it would be technically capable of FreeSat, but not implemented.

My guess as to why Samsung would make a telly that is capable of FreeSat but not implement it, would be maybe they'd have to pay FreeSat a licence fee? Bumping up the price of a relatively budget TV.

I don't know. But it seems weird that Samsung would include a satellite RF on TV that had no purpose, otherwise.

Perhaps someone can solve the mystery, or conclude that it's just an error in the features list and there really is just one terriestral RF connector on the TV.


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I have this model of TV and I can confirm that there is no RF satellite connection on the tv at all
There is only 1 normal coaxial aerial at the side of the tv

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