SAMSUNG YH J70 any thoughts ?


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Oct 11, 2004
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Just read a few reviews at various places about the above and all seem very favourable re bits an bobs its got plus more importantly the sound quality. :thumbsup:

Anyone out there got any experience of this player as it seems a very good buy at the price for the 20 & 30Gb models ??

Just makes a bit of a change as well to be talking about Samsung instead of the Sony Ipod war going on in here ;)

Read also that the bods at Samsung reckon they gonna be the biggest selling DAP manufacturer by 2007 !!! So i presume they got to start making some decent ones soon maybe this is one of the first ??
I know this aint a Sony or an Ipod but someone must have an opinion???

Has anyone ever heard of Samsung?????????

Wanders off forlornly....................................................................
I read somewhere that the music management was a bit ropey - that's all. Wanted to try one, but I let this put me off. Silly, really. If I had loads of dosh, I'd buy it just to try it, cos I like Samsung stuff generally ...
I have a 20Gb one (£169.99), and love it on it's 3rd version of firmware to show ID3 tags properly. But drag and drop capabilities meant I could drag all my music on to it right away whether mp3 or ogg - haven't used the supplied music software. Battery life now up to around 20hrs on average, took a while to get this high though. Nice radio, usb transfer from other usb devices and MP4 capabilities - if there is ever the need. Also Samsung throw in all the accessories and leads straight away. Loads of features details on
kevH said:
Has anyone ever heard of Samsung?????????
Samsung? Ahh, yes, isn't that the little company that makes the sound circuitry and flash memory for the iPod shuffle, and the flash memory for the iPod nano - so they already are the biggest DAP maker in the world, aren't they? :devil:

They *should* be able to knock out a good DAP all by themselves, shouldn't they?
Whats the sound quality like compared to other Dap's ?????
kevH said:
Whats the sound quality like compared to other Dap's ?????

I only have an ipod with which to compare but the latest firmware seems to have improved the sound quality of SRS Wow HD mode, and the headphones included are pretty decent too.

Also it goes louder than you woould ever want
DiGdUb said:
i have the 30gb model. my views here:


overall, i'm mighty impressed with the samsung. one of its strongest point is the sound quality. very adjustable and the player has lots of features.

Nice review DiGdUb, I am now on f/w version 1.076 too that gives improved display options - showing the ID3 tags - as you say, and allows for USB charge and transfer at the same time. And I think you are right the SRS Wow & Wow HD sound better too.
DiGdUb , where did you get the 30GB unit from? I can only see the 20GB model when i look around many e-shops.
hb1966 said:
DiGdUb , where did you get the 30GB unit from? I can only see the 20GB model when i look around many e-shops.
i stay in singapore. they have the 30gb models selling everywhere here. they also sell the white 20gb models. but the white model looks really ugly. :thumbsdow

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