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Samsung Ws32z306vb & Currys Grrrrr


Active Member
Just got my Sammsung Ws32z306vb delivered today from Currys,

But I`m very upset with what they have done,
Due to only having a small car, and being disabled, I had the set delivered rather than taking it home with me, as its very heavy.
I paied for next day delivery, and it never turned up, phoned the shop, "oh there was a mix up, it wasnt put out to be collected", so they said it would be delivered today, and waived the delivery charge which I thought was ok.

Came today, the salesman said in the shop he had opened the box, to check the remote, was in the there, and had resealed it, fair enough, so when I opened the box, the remote was in a WH Smiths bag, batteries all ready in it, along with the manual which looked far from new, plus loads of screws plastic feet and bolts, which I presumed were from the stand, but when I opened the stand box, which had XD on the side, there was a bag of fittings in there.

I got the tv out the box, soon as I put it on, all the normal tv stations were all ready tuned in, and most of the settings had been changed from their defaults, there was finger prints all over the case.

So I phoned Currys up, talked the the bloke who sold me it, who was 1/2 soaked, put me onto a manager who offered a discount, as "OH somet looks like its gone wrong there sir" no way, I want a NEW set, I paied for a NEW one, not a user returned one, or a ex display, there getting back to me.

First impressions of the set , its looks stunning, nice picture, I dont have Sky, but I`ve got Freeview, so I tried Sky Sports News, for the scrolling banners, and they look ok, dvds look great, and also me XBox, I presume it will need the odd tweak here and there, but who knows why it was returned, or how long its been out on the shop floor been poked and prodded, so I either want a new set, or a full refund.

How companies think they can get away with these types of tricks, do they think we are all so thick not to notice it, jezzuzz :mad:


Distinguished Member
disgraceful behaviour :mad: the branch i worked in Currys for 2 years when i was a student would never send out a ex display TV or returned, we had mix up in deliveries but i cant belive the store you went to sent you out a TV like that, to be honest the branch i worked in had fantastic managers and we were one of the good ones, but i have heard horror stories of other branches, which sounds like one of the ones you went to


Active Member
I had a call yesterday, and was being persuaded into keeping it for a discount, no way, its going back, they are coming to collect it on Wednesday, looks like Ill be down at TJ Huges in the morning getting the £200 Daewoo with freeview built in, shame I love the Samsung, but who knows how long its been on display, or if its faulty from a return.

Paul MC007

Well-known Member
I'm afraid this just sounds like "typical" Curry's behaviour.

I am not surprised in the least.

Obviously they are totally in the wrong and if I were you I would seriously consider getting my money back in full from these idiots and going somewhere else.

Honestly - Curry's are a complete and utter joke.

I really don't know why anyone would put their faith in a major purchase from Curry's.

(As you can probably guess, I have been at the receiving end of Curry's and their "Customer Service" when a product goes wrong - all within 3 days of getting a tv set from them as well)


Active Member
I got the Daewoo today from TJ Hughes, even got a lift home off the delivery driver :clap: I know its not as good as the Sammy, but Ill be glad to see the back of it, and I`ll never use Currys ever again :mad: .

Paul MC007

Well-known Member
Good ! Excellent!

Just hope other people take heed from your tale ....


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