Samsung working on a 21:9 Smart TV?


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Or is it a fake?

As a follow on to the (potentially fake) story that Angry Birds is coming to Samsung Smart TVs today, we took a closer look at the photographs on the 'Samsung Tomorrow' flickr feed.

It could be just the angle of the camera or it might just be a photoshopped effort but, to us, that TV doesn't look like it's of a 16:9 aspect ratio - more like 21:9, similar to the efforts from Philip's which are designed for movie lovers that don't like the 'black bars'.

If it is a 21:9 TV from Samsung, then it would be much bigger news than Angry Birds coming to the Samsung App Store but we have serious misgivings about the authenticity of the photo's. Any photoshop experts out there that would care to give their opinion?




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it does look decidedly 21:9 from someone who has owned a few cinescope tv's, however, you may be onto something simply regarding angles and camera lenses

several times, i have watched some of these house make over programmes, and have paused the tv in excitement proclaiming, no way, theres a 21:9 tv, upon closer inspection, from either a visible brand logo, or other design features telling me it wasnt a philips (the only uk maker of cinescope tvs) or a vizio, unlikely import from the states, turning out to be a standard 16:9 samsung or lg - but i swear the wide lenses these shows are using to make the room look big, really does stretch a box set to look rectangular!

but all of this is pure speculation, i doubt its photopshopped to make it look like a 21:9 tv, more of a angle thing, unless its true, as you say, that sammy are joining the dark side!



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Its an angle thing I think.

Look at the difference in size between the child's hands , and the difference in the size of the cubes in the background wall design from one end to the other.

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