Samsung Washing Machine Poor Customer Service


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Purchased new from AO.Com WW70J5555MW on 31/07/20,
Part of the reason for buying Machine was the 5 year Warranty direct with Samsung
The machine worked well until the end of last year when the metal ring holding the rubber door seal failed and pushed the ring into the washing machine
damaging some of the clothes
we have suffered a similar fault within the last week , but this time both inner and outer rings , together with rubber door seal were pulled into the machine.
However my main complaint is the lack of response from Samsung Support, the initial repair took over a week to organise and so far we have have waited over 4 days and still have not received a repair date.
I have asked for a call from Case manager which was initially promised in 24 hours , no call was received, when I complained again was told Case Manager would call back within the hour, again no call was received
Tried online chat again today , lots of apologies and again promised a call back but still no response.
Has anyone ever tried to organise their own repair and claim back from Samsung? perhaps via small claims court
I have 2 samsung tv's and a tumble dryer and generally very pleased with them, but what use is a 5 year warranty when support is so poor.


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They have just called back, apparently the door seal and rings are regarded as consumables and not covered by their warranty what a joke
even though the original engineer simply reused the totally mangled original outer ring
they will not agree to send an engineer unless I agree to pay
Have told them machine it is not fit for purpose
Have wasted hours on this pile of cr*p
Have been told by them if I use another repairer my whole warranty will be voided
Crazy situation
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Just call in a local repairer and get it sorted. Pretty obvious they wont be honouring any warranty, and how would they know if you got that particular part repaired by someone else anyway if something more serious went later on.
Pretty annoying as I have the same Machine.


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Have original repairers visiting tomorrow, will let you know how I get on
Samsung advised after 4 days of fuffing about , that they would organise a visit, but that I may be charged, as original repair is now over 90 days ago.
in fact 91 days up until today, and because its late due to their non contact
still feel aggrieved, looking forward to discussing it with engineer tomorrow

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