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I just purchased my first DVD recorder, a Samsung VR-357. Its primary purpose is to archive stuff off of my DVR when the DVR gets too full. My main issue with it is how the menu displays on other DVD players. My question is how compatible are the menus that get created and displayed on the DVD recorder with other DVD players? I am considering bring back the recorder and trying a different one. Can anyone recommend a recorder that seems to have good menu compatabnility with other DVD players ? The details of my menu issues are below if anyone cares to read the gory details. Thanks

I have done the following:

Used DVD-R media
Made sure "auto chapter generaton" is disabled.
Recorded 3 shows on the disk
Edited the 3 Title names .
Finalized the DVD.

When I am done, the menu is very good on the DVD recorder that I recorded the DVD in. For the 3 different recordings, thumnails of the three titles are shown, as well as the title names. The titles arent broken into chapters, which is what I expected since auto chapter genreation wasnt enabled.

On other DVD players however I get less than optinal results.

Samsung and Tosiba DVD players:
On two different stand alone DVD players, I had identical results. When I hit the menu button on the remote, a "X" came up on the screen, which I took to mean that there was no menu support on the DVD. I was able to use the chapter buttons (>>|) to navigate between titles, but what was odd was that I couldnt go from title to title. It appeared as if the titles were broken up into chapters. So to get from one title to another, I had to go through all of the chapters from the first title to get to the second title. If you do this then you kinda see whats going on in a title, and wasnt how I was hoping how it would work. What surprises me is that the titles seem to be broken up into chapters, but when you view the DVD on the recorder that made the DVD, it doesnt show the individual chapters. I am also surprised that a DVD made in a Samsung DVD recorder isnt 100% comptable with a Samsung DVD player.

PC, Windows media player:
Windows media player seemed to show the 3 titles and how it was broken up into chapters, but the titles were generic and didnt contain the title names that I had added to the DVD. I was interesting that it showed that chapters were indeed created even though there is no indication of this on the menu on the DVD recorder itself.

PC, WIN AMP(I think it was WIN AMP):
This application displayed the same menu that was created on the DVD recorder itself, which was the thumnails and the correct titls names.

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