samsung vga 1366*768?


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hello all,
sorry for another samsung post, I know there are many about at the moment.
I have a laptop connected to my screen via the vga output and can only get 1024*768 resolution. All resolutions higher than this are "unsupported" and I get a blue screen come up.

my gfx card is an mobility ati radeon 9600 running on the 5.8 catalyst drivers.

Please could you help with the "timings" I need on powerstrip to force the stated 1366*768?

or a work around using my drivers?

When I clone the screen my normal resolution drops to 1024*768, instead of 1400*1050 which is the laptop's native resolution.

Many thanks,

simple instructions would be a massive bonus too :D


I Think I have cracked it now!
I set powerstrip to 1368*768 for the second monitor. Then I changed the resolution to the same in my cat driver settings.
Then I used the samsung image auto adjust to gain back the parts of the screen that appeared to be "off of the edge".

hope this works now :D


Not sure I can help but the VGA interface from what I understand supports 1360x768 so use that res instead - you will get 3 pixels either side of the screen which wil lbe blank but from a distance of a couple of feet you won't notice them.

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