Samsung V+ HD Box - Always running?


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So I got my VM install yesterday, and I got 2 Samsung boxes! :D (Derbyshire, although the engineers had yorkshire accents, said they rarely see any sammy boxes).

Anyway, I got one set up in my bedroom, wel chuffed with it although I need to play around with my TV settings to improve the SD picture.

Basically, when it came to bed time, I turned off my box and rolled over to go to sleep. I had the sound of a whirring HDD keeping me awake, which I expected to die down and go to sleep itself after a few minutes. But no, it carried on spinning. Is this normal?

I don't remember my sky box still spinning in standby mode. I had no recordings planned or anything liek that, so can't understand why it was running. In the end I had to pull the plug out as it started to do my head in. Is there any way to stop this or am I doomed to having to unplug it when it's time to get my head down?



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Its a known problem that some boxes do this and its recommended that you sit the box on something a bit soft,as opposed to on a hard surface ....


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As a bit of an update, I left it on last night recording the last half of a program I was too tired to watch. After about 30 mins, it went silent and I slept like a baby.

Maybe it's just a first run thing, I dunno, but it seems fine now.

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