Samsung UN65TU7000 - Audio Options for Hearing Impairment


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Brand new to the forums here. I just purchased a new 65" Samsung UN65TU7000 from Walmart.Com on Cyber Monday. We've finally upgraded our main TV. The picture is good but the audio is just terrible. The biggest disappointment is the lack of traditional analog audio outputs. From my research, it seems that analog audio outputs are rare on the new TVs these days.

I have a significant hearing impairment (can't hear in left ear, and not great hearing in right ear) and have always satisfied that with simple TV listening headphones. My old TV allowed me to connect to the headphone transmitter via analog audio (the yellow RCA-style output) or digital/optical. This never impacted our ability to also use the regular TV speakers, though.

On the new UN65TU7000, you have 3 audio choices:
1: TV Speakers (they sound terrible, even if you don't have a hearing problem)
2: Digital Optical
3: Bluetooth

Currently, I'm using Bluetooth to connect to some new bluetooth headphones, and I use the multi-output audio setting so that the TV speakers still work. It's disappointing though because of having to "connect" them every single time I want to watch TV.

The bigger issue is the poor audio quality of the TV speakers. Our living room has a vaulted ceiling, and even my wife and kids have trouble understanding the audio, it's just not a good sounding speaker.

I talked to local AV guys here, and they said that most of the new TVs are like this, crappy internal speakers because they are really meant to be connected to a soundbar or a home entertainment system.

From what I can understand, if we connected a new sound bar to the optical out, that would prevent me from continuing to use the bluetooth headphones, since multi-output audio ONLY works for internal speakers/bluetooth. But ... that may not be the case, which is why I'm here.

So this long backstory is there to ask this simple question:

Is there a solution that would allow us to connect to external speakers that sound better (for all the rest of the family) while STILL allowing me to listen through headphones?


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I'm not familar with the characteristics of your model so this may or may not work.
Some models will permit audio take-off from the 3.5mm headphone socket while simultaneously supporting audio over perhaps bluetooth.
I'm thinking Amazon product, permitting connection to external speakers while you use bluetooth.
Perhaps trial with a pair of cheap pc speakers to establish if this may be a worthwhile route to explore.

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